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OOH Magazine - April 2017

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What types of ovens are available? 
There are a lot of options on the equipment market for ovens - the choice is wide and varied and comes down to personal preference as well as space and budget restrictions. Whatever the preference though, it has to be a versatile and flexible workhorse able to make light work of the most demanding and varied dishes and be able to respond to the on-going changing demands that come with any professional commercial kitchen. Most operations want to offer a varied and attractive food offering and so without a doubt an oven that can ‘multi task’ in response to that will be a good investment. Microwave ovens are definitely an essential part of every commercial kitchen – essential for speed of service yet still allowing a chef to prepare and offer a wide choice of menu. Microwaves are also very energy efficient. If simple reheat and defrosting of foods is required then a microwave will suffice, but if a chef wants to reheat and cook food products then a combination microwave convection oven is well advised. The latest and most flexible combination microwave oven from Maestrowave is the Combi Chef 7. It is able to operate in a combination of modes and can bake, roast, grill, steam, defrost, regenerate, microwave, boil or simply keep food warm all in one flexible, efficient unit. Packed full of new features and the latest version of Menu Creator (Menu Creator 2.0™) the oven will produce the best results ever in super quick time, allowing for 99 menu’s to be pre-programmed using any method of oven, microwave, grill or combination. There is a video showing all the features and benefits of this ‘Intelligent Chef’ online – www.rhhall.com For more traditional oven cooking, the Smeg ALFA Range of bake-off ovens provides an equally flexible solution. Ideal for breakfast service, savouries, breads and morning goods including the most delicate of products, like croissants, can be cooked to perfection. Plus use of these ovens can expand way beyond that – in fact, there is relatively little that can’t be cooked! 

What should operators consider before buying new equipment? 
Operators should consider their equipment needs in line with current and future menu requirements, numbers and times/peaks in service – for example, it maybe that two smaller, versatile ovens that can adapt to changing service needs are better than investing in one large unit or that for example, one larger bake-off oven could cover a breakfast offering by itself and then bake-off products, such as baguettes, ready to be filled for the lunch service. Space and installation aspects are also key considerations. Consider the footprint of some ovens in comparison to their potential output and whether products can be stacked, one on top of the other. Chefs can easily switch between one or two ovens depending on demand, which will give them great flexibility and potentially added profits when operating to full capacity, off-setting initial outlays.. An oven to look out for: The Smeg ALFA144XE1 has a proven track record of success and is already being used by some of the UK’s leading operators. Recently selected as the winner of the Ranges & Ovens category at the 2015 Product Excellence Awards, this is one of the most technically advanced ovens on the market today, offering an innovative and versatile cooking solution.

What ovens are good for smaller operators? 
Brand new for 2017, the Smeg ALFA43XUK provides an excellent compact solution for any Bake Off or Catering requirement. Perfect for baking and reheating – from Pastries and Morning goods, to Sausage Rolls and Pasties – this oven can quickly and affordably enhance any menu offering. The ALFA43XUK replaces the best selling ALFA43UK – as used by some of the UK’s leading operators, including Chicago Town and Co-Op. This new and improved model now includes a fully Stainless Steel outer cabinet, making it even more hard wearing and durable.

Are there any environmental considerations? 
Energy efficiency is extremely important. As the leading independent catering equipment distributor in the UK we work on behalf of a number of the leading brands in the industry and the majority if not all of these companies now manufacture products that have sustainable and environmentally friendly technology in their designs. Equipment is evolving all the time and there are plenty of very good pieces of kit on the market which can help an operation build their green credentials and become more energy efficient. Many ovens will need hard wiring to a certain kW rating, but unique to Smeg is a switchable power supply that can be run from different kW ratings depending on the power on site – anything from 3kW plug-in to 8.3kW 3 phase hardwired - making them ideal for any site with no limitations. The Smeg range also features Double Glazed doors across the range – helping to reduce heat loss.

What features are most useful? 
The most important features of an oven will always vary depending on the menu being offered, but as a bare minimum caterers should be looking for an oven that includes at least one fan, with a wide adjustable temperature range and an audible timer. Some operators may prefer manual cooking controls, but in some cases - where the same items are regularly being prepared – preset controls can be a time-saving advantage and also help with uniformity of results. Also look for ovens that are easy to clean and maintain, with stainless steel interiors. 

What one tip would you offer on getting the best from your oven? 
To help make the right choice, operators must be clear on the intended use of their oven. Look at the volume of throughput, the types of dishes/menu available, variations in service time, staffing skills and find out about the latest features and operational functions before they invest. 

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