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Microwaves Feature, Casual Dining - October 2017


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Are there any new microwave products available to operators?

The new Maestrowave MW10 is a reliable, durable and affordable option for smaller businesses – including Coffee Shops, Sandwich Bars, Cafés, Convenience Stores, Forecourts, Offices, Staff Rooms & many more commercial foodservice environments. Built to the top quality engineering standards of the well established Maestrowave brand,
this machine has been designed exclusively for the commercial catering market with full commercial components and specification throughout. The unique optimised Maestrowave microwave distribution system and cavity ensure perfect results every time - The MW10 offers amazing value for those on a tight budget, who still want to ensure they are buying a fully commercial product.

What are the latest updates in technology of microwaves?

A subject of current discussion is the use of RF Solid State cooking technology, which provides far better and more consistent power control, along with many other benefits. The cost of this technology is currently very high, but we will see it introduced to the market in time. Manufacturers are always looking for new and innovative ways that microwave technology can be used. The Combination Microwave market is continuing to grow – with these clever machines offering the speed of microwave cooking, combined with the versatility of more conventional methods. Many also include pre-programmable menu
facilities, such as the Maestrowave Combi Chef 7 which includes Menu Creator 2.0™, allowing users to set up to 99 different menu settings and deploy these to as many machines as required via SD card – ensuring total consistency.
We are currently seeing rapid progress with Combination Microwave technology and expect to see imminent changes in this area – we are currently working with some major manufacturers in developing the next generation! The use of barcodes with microwave cooking continues to be exclusively marketed and developed by iWave. The company are currently planning an addition to the range which will be designed to appeal to the wider catering market. Keep an eye on 
www.maestrowave.com for the latest news.

What are the best food products that operators can use microwaves for?

Today’s microwave ovens are sophisticated, yet easy to use and produce excellent cooking results in a fraction of the time it takes to cook foods conventionally and their versatility is under estimated. Many foods and dishes can be cooked very, very well in a microwave oven: cakes, sauces, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, pasta, rice, eggs and jams can all be cooked with great results. There are a great diversity of dishes that can be prepared quickly and easily from fresh ingredients. Not only that, but more nutrients are retained in microwave cooked food than by any other cooking method. In fact, correctly cooked vegetables contain 85% of their original vitamin content, when boiled they often contain none! A great benefit especially for growing children where they would only need to eat a little to get more of the vitamins they need. Be prepared for a bit of trial and error! Overcooking is one of the common problems experienced when new to microwave cooking or introducing new dishes. It is better to undercook first until you are familiar with a recipe, test it and then increase the cooking time. You should also factor in standing time and test a dish after this – a bit of trial and error will help establish the correct timing for a perfect result. You can always put it back in the oven for an extra minute – whereas overheated or overcooked food is ruined. Consider each of the foods you are cooking – every food has a different moisture, fat and sugar content and different starting temperatures – e.g. refrigerated, ambient etc. and these factors all affect cooking times and can affect the final result.

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