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Barbeque Food & Equipment Tuco May 2017


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What’s the best time to launch a barbecue menu? Should it form part of a wider menu or could it work as a pop-up concept?

Whilst it may not be until the weather starts warming up that caterers start to think about firing up the barbecue and taking their menu outside, to ensure the Great British Summer is maximised planning should take place early. Allow time to provide a reasonable budget to purchase any new equipment required and look at the best potential dates to offer an outdoor menu. The early months can often be a quieter period, following a busy festive season, providing the perfect opportunity to consider future endeavours and investments! Cooking outdoors can become a regular feature during the Spring and Summer months, and perhaps even further with the right equipment! Barbecue menus can provide a great focus for special events such as bank holidays, but can also provide a great source of extra income every weekend, or on days of the week that are known to be popular amongst students. Few can resist the smell of a barbecue on a summer afternoon and university caterers can offer a simple pop-up barbecue menu without a great deal of expense or planning, providing they have the right equipment in place.

Are there any trends in barbecue food that caterers should try?

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Can you give some veggie barbecue recipe inspiration?

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Can you suggest any high-end barbecue dishes for corporate menus?

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What tips can you give on perfectly barbecuing food?

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What should caterers look for in barbecue equipment if they will be using it throughout the year/having it for occasional use?

For any outdoor cooking set up, the most important piece of equipment to get right is the Barbecue itself! First and foremost, university caterers should ensure that they are purchasing truly commercial equipment. Many domestic barbecues look the part, but will not last or be able to recover quickly during a busy service. Look for a Barbecue that uses commercial grade stainless steel (be wary that many domestic models use stainless steel but are of light duty construction) and also check out the grid racks - stainless steel work much better than coated ones that invariably chip and flake off in time. Look for good portability as many barbecues have poorly constructed wheels. Importantly, ensure the product comes with a full commercial warranty. Some have a lifetime guarantee! Remember that you would not buy a domestic cooker for your commercial kitchen so apply the same thought process for your outdoor Barbecue. Provided some sort of outdoor area is available, any establishment can quickly and easily set up a barbecue for use almost immediately. Charcoal and Gas options are available, with gas options using portable gas cylinders. Operators should also consider some kind of portable hand wash station and also prep/serving areas to avoid constant back & forth to the main kitchen. The Crown Verity range includes both simple charcoal barbecues and versatile, portable gas options. Also available in the CVEHS hand wash station and the range can easily be paired with Simply Stainless Modular Fabrication to create a complete outdoor kitchen! With the Crown Verity Professional Barbecue range, operators can either create their own BBQ Station by combining a barbecue with prep areas, refrigeration and even branding – or look at ready made options, such as the MBI80 which includes a 36” barbecue with side burner and storage.

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