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Microwave Feature SLTN 24th May 2018

New 2009 design Chrome Futura TM USE.jpgMICROWAVE FEATURE
SLTN – 24TH MAY 2018

Please attribute any quotes to Kris Brearley, Sales Director, R H Hall

          How important is the commercial microwave to today’s on-trade?
Today’s microwave ovens are sophisticated, yet easy to use and produce excellent cooking results in a fraction of the time it takes to cook foods conventionally and their versatility is under estimated. Many foods and dishes can be cooked very, very well in a microwave oven, with great results. The most obvious benefit to any operator is speed, but there is a great deal of versatility that a microwave can offer. Used properly, the microwave will form a key part of the kitchen operation and the ability to serve a full menu.
         What have been the biggest changes in the capabilities of commercial microwaves in recent years?
A subject of current discussion is the use of RF Solid State cooking technology, which provides far better and more consistent power control, along with many other benefits. The cost of this technology is currently very high, but we will see it introduced to the market in time. As technology moves forward, more suppliers will be looking to offer their high-speed ovens with a 13-amp option – offering more versatility and market opportunities for this equipment. One example of this is the Electrolux Speedelight High Speed Panini Grill, with a 13amp version of this already popular solution being launched in 2018. Improvement and attention to design and additional functionality is always on the drawing board as well as more efficiencies in terms of performance and reducing running costs, although the latter has always been the big plus point using microwave technology. R H Hall will continue to be at the forefront offering the very latest microwave oven products backed up with National approved dealer cover, demonstration and menu development in order for caterers to gain the most from their investment
         With technology moving forward all the time, what are the latest developments in the commercial microwave sector that operators should pay attention to?
Manufacturers are always looking for new and innovative ways that microwave technology can be used. The Combination Microwave and High Speed Oven market is continuing to grow – with these clever machines offering the speed of microwave cooking, combined with the versatility of more conventional methods. Many also include pre-programmable menu facilities, such as the Maestrowave Combi Chef 7 which includes Menu Creator 2.0™, allowing users to set up to 99 different menu settings and deploy these to as many machines as required via SD card – ensuring total consistency. We are currently seeing rapid progress with Combination Microwave technology and expect to see imminent changes in this area – we are currently working with some major manufacturers in developing the next generation! The use of barcodes with microwave cooking also continues to be exclusively marketed and developed by iWave. The company are currently planning an addition to the range that will be designed to appeal to the wider catering market. Keep an eye on www.maestrowave.com for the latest news. The microwave oven continues to be seen as a must have kitchen product within commercial foodservice operations. We continue to work in partnership with our dealer and distributor network to offer the full microwave solution. Multi-sited chains may require additional support in the form of food testing, demonstrations or training, pre-programming, branding and more. Your specialist microwave supplier should always be able to liaise closely with the operator to offer these services and we have had notable successes with our Distributor partners – signing up a number of chain accounts in the last 18 months. We are here and ready to work with you!
         Why should operators avoid purchasing domestic microwaves for a commercial environment?
Put simply, a commercial microwave is built for a commercial kitchen! From the power and output, through to the components and workmanship – every element of a professional machine is designed to operate under greater strains, regular usage and heavy wear and tear. It is very important to choose from a commercial range of microwaves, operators shouldn’t be tempted to go down the domestic route – a domestic machine will not cope with the rigours of a professional kitchen. Importantly, any warranty provided with a domestic machine will also be invalid if used in a commercial environment, meaning that an operator could be faced with regular costly repairs or replacements.

 If possible, please provide a point by point list of 3-5 main aspects where commercial and domestic microwaves differ?
First and foremost, microwave wattage or output is a huge differential. Domestic microwaves will typically range from 800W to 1000W, with most models on today’s market being 900W. A commercial machine will normally start from 1000W, ranging all the way up to 1900W or further. This means much faster cooking and better results! Another big difference between commercial and domestic machines is build quality. A commercial machine should use on the best, heavy duty components – designed to withstand the intense use of a commercial environment. Domestic machines are built with light, home use only in mind – and therefore use much lighter duty components. Finally, consider the warranty provided with the machine. A domestic machine is designed for use in the home, so any use outside of this will invalidate any warranty it is sold with. Commercial microwaves should come with at least 1 year on site warranty cover, with many of the leading brands providing up to 3 years on site. Always consider the warranty offered on the magnetron – which is the heart of any microwave!
         How important is a thorough maintenance programme when it comes to getting the most out of a commercial microwave?
Caterers should look for a full service back-up in terms of on-site warranty and availability of spares from their manufacturer. Expect a least a year’s warranty, some manufacturers offer 3 years. Genuine service back-up in a commercial situation is absolutely critical. With annual servicing in place and by buying a recognised quality brand, there is absolutely no reason why your commercial microwave oven shouldn’t last between 3-5 years and even more, dependent on site and on how the oven is cared for! Regular cleaning and servicing are key to ensure users get the maximum lifespan from their microwave. When using your microwave on a regular basis, one tip that shouldn’t be overlooked for getting the best from a microwave is regular cleaning - keep the oven’s cavity and inner door clean of food spillage/deposits at all times. This will avoid cavity burn ups and prolong the life of its heart “The Magnetron”. This measure will also help the consistency and speed of reheat/ cook times. You could purchase the Microsave Cavity Protection System which is a unique and simple plastic cavity liner which is safer to use, easier to clean and provides long term financial benefits.  Designed for the extra heavy duty Sharp range, every model sold with the Microsave CPS comes with a lifetime warranty on the cavity.
R H Hall are the Sole UK and Eire Distributor for the Sharp range of Professional Microwave Ovens and Sole Worldwide Distributor for the Maestrowave range of Catering Equipment.
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FEJ Awards 2018

We're delighted to have been nominated in the Service & Support category for this year's awards voting is now open... Details can be found below and the deadline is 18th May... We really hope the service we provide has earned your vote!

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Barbeque Food & Equipment Tuco May 2017


Please attributes any quotes to Kris Brearley, Sales Director, R H Hall

What’s the best time to launch a barbecue menu? Should it form part of a wider menu or could it work as a pop-up concept?

Whilst it may not be until the weather starts warming up that caterers start to think about firing up the barbecue and taking their menu outside, to ensure the Great British Summer is maximised planning should take place early. Allow time to provide a reasonable budget to purchase any new equipment required and look at the best potential dates to offer an outdoor menu. The early months can often be a quieter period, following a busy festive season, providing the perfect opportunity to consider future endeavours and investments! Cooking outdoors can become a regular feature during the Spring and Summer months, and perhaps even further with the right equipment! Barbecue menus can provide a great focus for special events such as bank holidays, but can also provide a great source of extra income every weekend, or on days of the week that are known to be popular amongst students. Few can resist the smell of a barbecue on a summer afternoon and university caterers can offer a simple pop-up barbecue menu without a great deal of expense or planning, providing they have the right equipment in place.

Are there any trends in barbecue food that caterers should try?

Ben Bartlett response

Can you give some veggie barbecue recipe inspiration?

Ben Bartlett response

Can you suggest any high-end barbecue dishes for corporate menus?

Ben Bartlett response

What tips can you give on perfectly barbecuing food?

Ben Bartlett response

What should caterers look for in barbecue equipment if they will be using it throughout the year/having it for occasional use?

For any outdoor cooking set up, the most important piece of equipment to get right is the Barbecue itself! First and foremost, university caterers should ensure that they are purchasing truly commercial equipment. Many domestic barbecues look the part, but will not last or be able to recover quickly during a busy service. Look for a Barbecue that uses commercial grade stainless steel (be wary that many domestic models use stainless steel but are of light duty construction) and also check out the grid racks - stainless steel work much better than coated ones that invariably chip and flake off in time. Look for good portability as many barbecues have poorly constructed wheels. Importantly, ensure the product comes with a full commercial warranty. Some have a lifetime guarantee! Remember that you would not buy a domestic cooker for your commercial kitchen so apply the same thought process for your outdoor Barbecue. Provided some sort of outdoor area is available, any establishment can quickly and easily set up a barbecue for use almost immediately. Charcoal and Gas options are available, with gas options using portable gas cylinders. Operators should also consider some kind of portable hand wash station and also prep/serving areas to avoid constant back & forth to the main kitchen. The Crown Verity range includes both simple charcoal barbecues and versatile, portable gas options. Also available in the CVEHS hand wash station and the range can easily be paired with Simply Stainless Modular Fabrication to create a complete outdoor kitchen! With the Crown Verity Professional Barbecue range, operators can either create their own BBQ Station by combining a barbecue with prep areas, refrigeration and even branding – or look at ready made options, such as the MBI80 which includes a 36” barbecue with side burner and storage.

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www.rhhall.com, www.crownverity.com or our You Tube channel for videos showing the versatility of the Crown Verity range.

R H Hall are the Exclusive UK Distributor for the Crown Verity range of Professional Barbecue Systems


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BBQ & Sport

BBQ & Sport

Australians and South Africans turn rugby matches into an excuse to light the fire. “Put another shrimp on the Barbie, mate” is a common joke about Australians. South Africans console themselves that they at least have a fire because their team has not played so well recently. Americans turn match day into a barbecue too and it rather indicates that sport and a BBQ go together like a perfectly cooked steak and an ice-cold beer.

Anyone who takes their sport and their BBQ seriously will tell you that the weather doesn’t play a part in making the day work. Football is a winter sport and that means the weather may not play along and careful planning will ensure success of the BBQ no matter what. Other sports take place all year round and watching sport at home with a BBQ creates an atmosphere that makes the match, tournament or overall event something special.

Planning is vital when it comes to having a BBQ around a sporting event.  Knowing when a match kicks off or ends is important. Cooking all the food and missing the match or event defeats the object. Knowing the times means food can be cooked before and eaten during, cooked quickly at halftime or cooked after the event.

The Crown Verity Barbecue range is the best catering equipment for handling volume at sports events. Its grill area is huge and comes with a roll dome, bun rack and removable end shelf that is ideal for storing sauces and plates. You can easily add the griddle attachment and fry eggs and bacon or the rotisserie accessory for chicken or pork up to 140lbs. Having plenty of snacks is a simple tip for holding a sports event BBQ. South Africans delve into Biltong during a match and some cook some “Boerie” (sausage) quickly just as a taster. If kids are around hot dogs stop them getting hungry.

When having a BBQ with a sports event keep things simple yet tasty.  Fast cooking foods or finger foods are a great idea. A simple selection of kebabs made with chicken, peppers & onions cooked on skewers makes a tasty and filling dish to cook on the BBQ. Kebabs cook quickly and can even be cooked at halftime in some cases.

Homemade burgers are perfect for a sports event BBQ but add some fun and tell people they must make their own patties. Supply a variety of toppings and people can munch during the match; burgers can also be kept warm and can be pre-cooked before an event and then warmed on the BBQ before eating.

Wimbledon is a great excuse for a sporty BBQ. Tell your guests to wear tennis outfits and have a BBQ served with strawberries and cream and some quintessential Pimm’s. A lunchtime BBQ before the men’s final can be a superb way to ooh and aah your way through a game of tennis.
A sporting event is a wonderful excuse to invite friends and family around, set up the living room so everyone can see the game or move the TV nearer the BBQ to create the atmosphere. Then it is ready… steady… BBQ!

Make every sports event a BBQ and win or lose everyone is happy!

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FEJ Awards 2018

Foodservice Equipment Journal Awards 2018

Service & Support Category

We need your vote!!! We're delighted to have been nominated in the Service & Support category for this year's Foodservice Equipment Journal awards and voting is now open... Details on voting can be found using the link below and the deadline is 8th May...

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Spring 2018 Update

 Spring 2018 Newsletter

- The truth about microwaves
- Crown Verity extends contract
- Small Smeg Ovens are big performers

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Ovens & Microwaves Feature OOH - April 2018

Ovens & Microwaves Feature - OOH April 2018

Please attributes any quotes to Kris Brearley, Sales Director, R H Hall

What types of oven and microwaves are available?

There are many choices available on the equipment market for ovens and the unit chosen often comes down to personal preference as well as space and budget restrictions. Whatever the preference, it has to be a versatile and flexible workhorse able to make light work of the most demanding dishes and be able to respond to the on-going changing demands that come with any professional commercial kitchen. Most operations want to offer a varied and attractive food offering and so without a doubt, an oven that can ‘multi-task’ in response to that will be a good investment. To help make the right choice, caterers must be clear on the intended use: the volume of throughput; the types of dishes/menu available; variations in service time; staffing skills and find out about the latest features and operational functions before they invest. Options range from large combination steamers, through bake-off ovens and combination microwaves, to simple but essential microwave only. Microwaves today are split into 2 main categories – standard microwave only, which are perfect for reheating a wide range of foods – and combination microwaves, which offer huge versatility for cooking a wider range of products, with the speed of microwave cooking.

What should caterers consider before buying new equipment?
First and foremost you should look at choosing from a recognized brand – the major manufacturers are often the most innovative and have developed machines with intelligent features that are time/ labor saving and energy efficient too. So, choose a leading brand with an established reputation – don’t be tempted to go down the cheap import route. To choose the right kind of equipment, operators should look at their menu and decide what tasks the oven should undertake. If to be used mainly for the simple reheat and defrosting of foods then a straight Commercial microwave will suffice. However, if you wish to reheat and cook food products then a convection oven or combination microwave oven is well advised. Items such as pastry will become soggy if reheated in an ordinary microwave whereas using a combination microwave the crisp, golden brown and conventional finished result will be achieved in microwave time! It is very important to choose the correct microwave oven wattage. You need to choose an oven with sufficient power, but just as importantly, do not over specify. If too low, you can be frustrated by delays, and if too high, it will be difficult to judge the timing of small portions. Whilst it is common for caterers to choose speed (the higher the output the faster reheat times), it is also very important to understand that for some food products too much speed will destroy smaller portions of food or the delicate and sugary types of products.

Are there any environmental considerations? 
A recent article in The Daily Express made claims that microwaves are damaging to the environment. In response, we have supported and worked with the Microwave Technologies Association to provide evidence to the contrary. Please see the attached study for more details…http://www.microwaveassociation.org.uk/factsheets/Microwaves-26-1-18.pdf

What features are most useful?
Built-in features to look for that save time and energy include Programmable models – useful to reduce errors and wastage. Variable power – ideal for denser food products. Double or Triple quantity facility for multi-portion cooking. The Maestrowave Combi Chef 7 has many features to offer including the latest Menu Creator 2.0™ software package, which allows you to ‘create your own menu’ and programme up to 99 menus using any method of oven, microwave, grill or combination and with or without the turbo fan! This oven is the most flexible, efficient and easy to use oven yet and will help you produce the best results ever, in super quick time – it’s really an oven that can do it all and produce consistent results time after time. Fitting into a skilled or nonskilled kitchen with complete ease, this piece of equipment is very easy to operate with sophisticated results being possible within both operations. The model sits on a counter and operates from a single 13 amp supply. We have produced a brand new video showing all the features and benefits of combi cooking using the latest and innovative Maestrowave Combi Chef 7. Simply log on to www.rhhall.com and follow the links from the homepage.

What one tip would you offer on getting the best from your oven or microwave?
Understanding is still the key to success with any cooking. To maximize usage of a microwave or oven effectively, I think it is paramount that all caterers are educated as to the full potential of their unit. By fully understanding a microwave and getting the right techniques for each type of food, succulent meat, poultry and fish together with perfectly cooked vegetables that retain taste, texture and nutritive value are all possible. Many of the techniques used in microwave cooking are the same as used in conventional cooking, but with a few minor adjustments. There is a great deal of diversity of dishes that can be prepared quickly and easily from fresh ingredients. We recommend that the correct training of staff on how to use and look after the equipment in the first instance will definitely help the lifespan of any equipment. In addition, simple regular low-cost maintenance and cleaning will keep it in peak health and condition. At RH Hall we train our distributors to be able to offer the best advice and training to the end user. Such advice as to when and how to clean the oven, service interval recommendations and the best use of the oven are just part of the training given to customers. We also have an extensive facility at our HQ fitted out with all the very latest equipment so clients and distributors can see and operate a number of microwaves in addition to a very wide range of kitchen equipment.

R H Hall are the Sole UK distributor for Sharp Professional Microwave Ovens and Smeg Foodservice Ovens.

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