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Kitchen Equipment: Pub & Bar - November 2016


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What pieces of equipment are most important to operators and why?
Requirements can vary dependent on the size of kitchen and throughput of the operation – but as a minimum sites should consider an oven and microwave to ensure that all baking and reheating tasks are met. Add to this an induction hob for further instant heat and also consider complementary pieces such as Panini Grills, Rice Cookers and Soup Kettles – which can all be essential, depending on menu offering and of course space/budget restrictions.
Where space is particularly tight, microwaves can offer an affordable and versatile solution, allowing for a quick and easy food offering. Microwaves are able to reheat a vast range of foods at speed and will enhance any kitchen. The Sharp range start from medium duty 1000W machines at entry level, ranging up to Extra Heavy Duty 1900W models for high output users. A choice of manual or programmable controls provide a solution for all requirements.
Also worth considering is a combination microwave, which uses convection and grill functions to enhance the speed offering of a microwave. Capable of providing a ‘kitchen in a box’, the versatility of these machines allows caterers to do much more than reheat food – even pastry products can be cooked with great results. The Maestrowave Combi Chef 7 provides an 1150W microwave with 1800W grill and convection oven, which can be used in a variety of combinations to achieve the desired result. A video explaining the features and benefits of combination cooking and the Combi Chef 7 can be seen on our website –

What should operators look for in kitchen equipment? What can they bring to a kitchen environment?
Regardless of size or duty, sturdy manufacture is a ‘must’ and therefore you should choose a well-known brand - anything else won’t perform or last. Many cheaper imports are flooding into the UK and it can be tempting to go down this route, but unknowingly to many, a lot of this equipment doesn’t have any product conformity standards and the back-up of a full warranty. Choose a leading brand with an established reputation for good quality, durability and reliability. These brands usually build in great operational features too, which should always be considered.
Equipment that is multi-functional and versatile is ideal and where space is at a premium, units with a small footprint can help save valuable space – as can those that can stack, one on top of the other.
Look at the running costs of the equipment available, savings can be made by selecting an energy efficient item. 13 amp plug in options will be cheap to run and versatile. Induction Hobs also offer a very energy efficient option, as no heat is lost when cooking.

·      How can operators ensure that staff are using equipment to its full potential and treating it with respect?
Training on use and maintenance of equipment is key to ensure there are not any issues with the quality of food served, or any potentially costly faults with kitchen equipment. Equipment that is straight forward to use and maintain is the easiest option, reducing new staff training times and ensuring ease of operation for all members of the kitchen team. Products such as the Maestrowave Combi Chef 7, which includes MenuCreator 2.0™ software, can be pre-programmed with up to 99 menu settings, allowing unskilled operators to produce consistent and high quality results at the touch of a button. Induction hobs also provide a safe and easy method of cooking as do items such as Panini Contact grills, which are ideal for lunch time and early evening snack menus in many pubs. Any operator should ensure that they are fully away of all features of a machine to get the most out of it – for example, people are often unaware of the full range of products that can be cooked and/or reheated in a commercial microwave.
Versatility of the product chosen is also key, if tight on space or budget, the more you can get out of one product, the better! Products such as combination microwaves offer a range of features in one unit, increasing the menu options available without adding extra cost or space needs.

·How can operators ensure that their equipment enjoys long lifespans?
Always choose a leading brand with an established reputation for good quality and longevity. The warranty offering available is usually a good indication of the quality of product being purchased. Many manufacturers are now offering warranties of 3 years or longer on their equipment. 2 best selling microwaves, the Sharp R21AT and Maestrowave MW10 have both recently increased their standard 1 year Parts & Labour Warranty to include 3 year cover on the magnetron – the heart of the machine!
Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential to keep any kitchen equipment working at its best. Any faults that develop as a result of poor maintenance are often chargeable – and further costs to the business can be caused as a result of un-necessary down-time.
Our team of experts are able to provide manufacturer maintenance recommendations and advise on how to get the best out of your kitchen equipment. Our food solutions team are even able to offer full on-site training for larger operations, or sites that require multi-user training.

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