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Microwaves Feature Food Equip Journal April 2018



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The principles of microwave technology are tried and trusted. But do the latest generation of machines (those introduced since 2017) contain any major new benefits or enhancements that operators might not be fully aware of?

Manufacturers are always looking for new and innovative ways that microwave technology can be used. TheCombination Microwave and High-Speed Oven market is continuing to grow – with these clever machines offering the speed of microwave cooking, combined with the versatility of more conventional methods. Many also include pre-programmable menu facilities, such as the Maestrowave Combi Chef 7 which includes Menu Creator 2.0™, allowing users to set up to 99 different menu settings and deploy these to as many machines as required via SD card – ensuring total consistency. We are currently seeing rapid progress with Combination Microwave technology and expect to see
imminent changes in this area – we are currently working with some major manufacturers in developing the next generation! The use of barcodes with microwave cooking also continues to be exclusively marketed and developed by iWave. The company are currently planning an addition to the range that will be designed to appeal to the wider catering market. Keep an eye on www.maestrowave.com for the latest news.

Where do you see commercial microwave manufacturers channelling their investment in the coming years? Do you expect the emphasis to be on design and aesthetics, for example, or are you expecting certain patterns to emerge in terms of features and functionality?

A subject of current discussion is the use of RF Solid State cooking technology, which provides far better and more consistent power control, along with many other benefits. The cost of this technology is currently very high, but we will see it introduced to the market in time. As technology moves forward, more suppliers will be looking to offer their high-speed ovens with a 13-amp option – offering more versatility and market opportunities for this equipment. One example of this is the Electrolux Speedelight High-Speed Panini Grill, with a 13amp version of this already popular solution being launched in 2018. Improvement and attention to design and additional functionality is always on the drawing board as well as more efficiencies in terms of performance and reducing running costs, although the latter has always been the big plus point using microwave technology. R H Hall will continue to be at the forefront offering the very latest microwave oven products backed up with National approved dealer cover, demonstration and menu development in order for caterers
to gain the most from their investment. 
What does the product pipeline look like for the microwaves that you supply? What’s special about the new microwaves you have bought to the market in the last 12 months or coming 12 months? Our product pipeline is exciting with investment to combination microwave oven technology and the iWave barcode range. The microwave oven continues to be seen as a must-have kitchen product within commercial foodservice operations. We continue to work in partnership with our dealer and distributor network to offer the full microwave solution. Multi-sited chains may require additional support in the form of food testing, demonstrations or training, pre-programming, branding and more. Your specialist microwave supplier should always be able to liaise closely with the operator to offer these services and we have had notable successes with our Distributor partners – signing up a number of chain accounts in the last 18 months. We are here and ready to work with you!

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